Saturday, November 19, 2011

surprise, it's a....?

Sometimes, when the air is cool and the sky is gray, I think to myself, "something MUST be made!" That "something" generally referring to a kitchen mess of sorts. Well, I concluded that it was one of those days as I sat on the patio this morning with a hot cup of coffee and almost morphed into an icicle. Cold, Mexico cold, is laughable for you Northerners, I know. But nonetheless, by my standards, it was chilly.

I cleaned my kitchen first (because it's only fun to mess up something clean) and then took a break as I read through all of my cookbooks. An hour later I was starving and had an overpowering desire to eat everything from holiday cheeseballs to wild goose with giblet stuffing. But I finally found it, the winning recipe. And I'm sure you're filled with anticipation in the wait to hear all about it.
Here's what I started with. I bet you're wondering what in the world you could make out of this. Well, let me tell you, it's amazing. Prepare to be wowed.
You're completely blown away, aren't you? Ok, ok, lame, I know. It's a fruit salad. Wow. I threw the eggs and red onion into the first photo to confuse you. But hey, this took time, and it was messy. I cleaned and cut each fruit with care and the overall product was festive and delicious. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the most important ingredient (you should know this, we talked about it on my first post) Tajin.
Et Voila! Perfection.
(If you need the recipe don't hesitate to ask and I would be happy to drop everything in my insanely busy life to assist you in the washing and cutting of the delectable fruits of your choice)

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  1. What a fun blog...Now if I can just remember to come over and visit every once in a while.

    Happy, joyful cooking.

    Blessings and joy,