Thursday, November 17, 2011

egg salad tango.

I know what you're thinking. I'd be thinking it too, I mean, seriously, who posts an egg salad sandwhich on their blog anyway. Really.

The thing is, I never know where to start and I think first impressions are completely overrated, so, I am starting this brand new blog with egg salad.


Yes, I used product placement. No, I wasn't paid. I should have been, even a free bottle of Tajin would have sufficed. Tajin (if you don't know) is the most superb additive in the entire world. Imagine some not-too-spicy-yet-perfectly-spiced chilis dancing the tango with a couple of limes in your mouth.
(Maybe that's too weird for you.)

Either way, guaranteed to change the life of your tastebuds forever.


  1. I love it. Your blog, that is. Will you be posting recipes too, for all this goodness?

  2. I will post recipes too. WOuld have for the egg salad but I hardly think boiling eggs and mixing mayo in them qualifies as recipe worthy :D